about us

ADHESIVOS CORPORATION, S.A. was established in the fifties. It started its business with two different product lines: the die-cutting of insulated and sound absorbing pieces and the coating of plastic film.

Since then, the company has undergone a continuous evolution, changing according to the current needs of the market, and being a pioneer in the coating and manipulation of plastic film in Spain.

We manufacture a wide range of protective autoadhesive films: solvent or water based. They composed of polyethylene plastic film, but also of polypropylene and polyester. This last material is used to avoid the possible damage of the surface required to protect, giving the protection film an excellent quality.

Nowadays, our products compete not only in the Spainish market but also in the European one. They are used in several and varied industries which are shown above in "OUR SECTORS". To give a few specific examples: the lamination, electronical, automotive and shoe industry form part of our main activity for the last thirty years.

But our concerns do not finish here. The I+D department works improving the quality of our products, and developing new ones to introduce into other markets like the wiring, technical films or food markets.

In order to keep an avant-garde line for these industries, important investments have been made to adapt the product to new technologies. The goal is to increase productivity, improve finished products, and offer a better service -like the reliability and punctuality of deliveries.

The expectations of the company are to get to all of those markets where there is a need to preservate certain surfaces with protection film. The short term and long term objectives are oriented towards the exportation of the product to the north of Africa, as well as to new growing markets.

The PHILOSOFY of the company is simple.
“COMMITMENT AND COOPERATION WITH OUR CUSTOMERS”, which means: advise, develop and supply our client in the best and most efficient way.


Now and always, looking after our planet and the well-being of our workers and customers is one of our essential guidelines.

That is why Adhesvios Corporation develops and researches new more eco-sustainable alternatives every day, providing sustainable solutions to our costumers and leaving the minimum footprint on our planet.

We have currently opened a line of film work with 30% recyclable material and our goal is to be able to reach the maximum possible with quality guarantees.
Not only films made from recycled material are our objective, but efforts have also been invested in new lines of biobased or biodegradable films such as PLA-type films.

Our commitment to sustainability is not only in new products and processes that are more respectful of the environment, but we also require all our suppliers to share our same philosophy and be equally oriented towards sustainability and improvement year after year.