Adhesives Corporation has a fully equipped R&D department to constantly develop and improve the most demanding requirements of its customers.

We offer high quality protection films to preserve and protect your products. Our protective film is a thin and flexible film that is easily applied to the surface. It is designed to protect the product from scratches, stains and other external aggressions.

If the standard products in our catalogue do not match the needs of your project, we can design a custom adhesion and thickness that meets your highest expectations.

We are here to help you find the best solution for your needs.


Adhesives Corporation S.A. has a department of experts who can advise you by offering a detailed assessment of your needs and specific requirements.

Our R&ID department is up to date regarding the latest technologies and materials available on the market, which will allow them to advise you on innovative and high-quality solutions.

This service can also provide technical support throughout the process of applying the protective film, ensuring that it is carried out properly and that the expected results are obtained.

Do not hesitate to contact our technicians for more information.


Our slitting machines allow multiple coil width formats to exactly meet the needs of our customers.

Due to their size, the winding machines allow coil formats from 100ml to 2000ml depending on the thickness of the film. All this allows us to offer you the design of your coils to measure.

If you need to cut or wind other types of materials, our cutting and winding department can also provide a solution to your requirements.

All this with excellent quality and fast delivery times, as has been the philosophy of Adhesives Corporation for more than 50 years.
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